Pros and cons of buying NASDAQ AMD shares

Pros and cons of buying NASDAQ AMD shares

January 16, 2021 Off By h-lange

Some researchers viewed that one of the risks of buying NASDAQ AMD shares is that the potential expansion of the market share is already included in the share price. Although she believes people underestimate what market share AMD can gain, the question remains whether the company’s profits exceed the current expectations of investors and analysts.

NASDAQ AMD has performed very well, with stock prices rising by more than 500% over the past three years. As AMD’s market share in the server chip market exceeds Intel, investors are trading higher.

Financial conditions of NASDAQ AMD

Intel’s financial condition is better than some people think. On the one hand, it is still a bigger business. Quarterly revenue of $ 18.3 billion is 6.5 times the $ 2.8 billion of AMD. In addition, Intel’s cash flow remains significant. In the first nine months of this year, Intel received approximately $ 15.1 billion in free cash flow. This allows the company to pay a stable dividend of $ 1.32 per share, or earnings of approximately 2.6% at current prices. The payment forced the company to lose $ 4.2 billion in nine months, and the rest of the money was enough to buy back shares or reinvest in the company.

NASDAQ AMD’s sales have almost doubled in recent years. Net income more than tripled. The company is ahead of Intel in the high-end processor market, and long-term CEO Jerry Sanders can only dream of it. Lenovo listens to customer feedback to understand innovative consumer ideas. The requirements for NASDAQ AMD are simple and that is maximum productivity to achieve deeper real-time collaboration. Working with AMD, we have achieved two standards to ensure incredible user interaction.

The game is also a potential headwind. In the long run, companies in the same industry as AMD, such as Nvidia, are also in the acquisition mode and have agreed to buy $ 40 billion worth of ARM chips last month at a record price. Standalone machines, 5G technology, games, and data centers.

Intel recently announced that it will further reduce the production speed of its 7-nanometer server processors, NASDAQ AMD’s Zen 2 processor has entered the market, and AMD has begun to consider the use of 5-nanometer products. According to analytical market share forecasts, AMD’s outstanding performance, and the prospect of further market share growth may justify the rise in stock prices. NASDAQ AMD is a reliable game that meets the needs of future computers, especially when Xilinx is added to it. You can check the AMD balance sheet at  before investing.