Do’s & Don’ts: When you have No Sanitizer or Mask

Do’s & Don’ts: When you have No Sanitizer or Mask

August 1, 2020 Off By h-lange

Our hands can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful viruses, and when you touch your face with your infected hands without sanitizing it, they enter your body and cause sickness. The current situation resonates with the scenario mentioned above as Novel Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the world. 

One must be prepared for all time, especially these days, because now everyone is aware of what & how things are going around. Hand sanitizers must be available in your pocket all the time, and your face must be covered with a mask. 

Whenever you go outside, do not miss out on the mask and a sanitizer. However, in most instances, if you forget these essential things unknowingly, pay attention to the following points-

Do These Things When You Don’t Have a Sanitizer or Mask.

Stay at HomeIf you don’t have hand sanitizers or mask, then the best practice is to stay home. Even though going outside might be essential, don’t go without them for public and your own safety.

Wash Hands with SoapIf it’s urgent and you don’t have any other option, maintain distance from others. Forget the old  habits to shake hands.

Cover Your Face with a Cotton Cloth Covering the face with a cloth isn’t a better option, but to some extent, it’ll keep you away from viruses and bacteria. But make sure that you use double or triple layers cloth; otherwise, buy Mask N95 because it’s more effective.  

Don’t Touch Your Face, Mouth & EyesYou don’t have sanitizer, no problem! But never touch any part of your body or face until your hands aren’t sanitized. It’s essential because, most of the time, unknowingly, you end up touching things or surfaces, especially in public areas that become a big reason for virus transmission.

Cover Your Mouth While Sneezing or Coughing Respect the guidelines, and always understand your moral duties. If you are in public, then never sneeze or cough openly. Also, don’t use hands; instead, use your elbow, ensuring that you cover the face. 

Don’t Do These Things When You Have a Mask and Sanitizer.

Compromising between genuine and fake productsYou can buy anything available at a discount or be found cheap. But never go with counterfeit products, because they may prove to be life-threatening. Such as, if you are planning to buy a hand sanitizer, then buy from trusted sites or stores. Remember, your sanitizer must be alcohol-based. You can buy Good Vibes Hand Sanitizer (500 ml) because it has everything that a sanitizer must contain, as stated by the  WHO (World Health Organization).

The Wrong Method of Removing a MaskBefore stepping out, don’t forget to wear a face mask if you genuinely love your life. But, preventive measures do not just end with that only. After coming home safely,  hold the strings, and gently remove your mask  from your ears. If it is reusable, wash it immediately, and if not, then instantly throw it in the dustbin safely and wash your hands or apply sanitizer. 

Not Paying Heed to WHO & Government Directives The battle against Novel CoronaVirus has a long way to go. Hence, always paying attention to the WHO and Government guidelines is for the good of the general public. Specialists and government have recommended mask N95 because it has the power to block 95% of viruses. Furthermore, all N95 masks are good respirators.

Don’t Make an ExcuseHand sanitizers also come in small size; they are pocket friendly too. Such as, you can buy the top-quality Bewakoof Hand Rub Sanitizing Gel that comes in 100 gm and is easy to carry. Don’t make this silly mistake, and ensure that you have a sanitizer in your pocket! 

Bottom lineMore than the government, it’s our duty that we pay attention to everything that protects our family and us from virus transmissions. COVID-19 is spreading quickly, and it’s on us how we win this battle. Don’t delay buying hand sanitizers and masks at a place that looks after customer’s health and always makes sure that novel Coronavirus doesn’t even dare to touch you. Explore a variety of designer, reliable, and robust masks, and find top-range quality sanitizers at the best price.