Managing Performance of SEO Teams Working Remotely

Managing Performance of SEO Teams Working Remotely

July 14, 2020 Off By h-lange

As professionals are learning the intricacies of working remotely, challenges are arising from the same domain as well. The world has suddenly been told to work from home and such a drastic change cannot be brought overnight. 

In every sector, managers are working day and night to optimize the performance and productivity of their teams. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Even SEO managers are struggling to make their team members perform and produce at the level they usually do. Theoretically, this gap in performance shouldn’t exist. In this article, we help shed light on this problem and give tips on how SEO managers must manage the performance of their teams working remotely. 

Setting Daily Benchmarks

While working from home, the reason many SEO teams don’t perform to their optimum levels is that they have no EOD targets. Many professionals working from home log in their daily time sheet without actually working towards a goal which has to be reached at the end of the day. 

This causes an inherent lack of direction to develop and become prominent in the SEO space. A lack of goals means the campaign also ends up getting compromised. Many professionals skate by working remotely without showing initiative and drive. 

To stop this problem, SEO managers need to assign daily goals to their team members and create a system where members have to attain these goals at EOD.

Team Counseling

Another reason why performance can be low while working at home is the current pandemic crisis. People are worried about the health of their family and friends. The stress of such a situation can easily cause performance to drop. To maintain and address the mental state of team members, SEO manager must regularly have counseling sessions to allow everyone to talk about their problems and feel more confident and better. 

In Conclusion

Simple though it may seem, managing SEO teams that are working from remote locations is a tough ask. In an office environment, things happen fairly quickly as communication is immediate and decisive. While communicating remotely, there are many side factors which come into play and end up harming the performance of the SEO team. In this article, we discussed how SEOs can manage the performance and productivity of their team working remotely. 

About the Author- Krish Gupta is a SEO manager working for a big name in the consumer electronics segment. His work experience of nine years has helped him accumulate key takeaways about SEO and marketing that are not easily apparent to everyone in the market. He started his journey by learning at, one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Delhi